Personal data of careers website visitors

We use your personal data for:

  • learning more about the behaviour of the visitors of our careers website to improve our recruitment process and this website;
  • improving and monitoring the performance of this website;
  • and generating anonymized data that we share with our partners.

All processing of personal data of careers website visitors is based on our legitimate interest to facilitate recruitment.

We process the following personal data of careers website visitors:

  • Device and browser
  • IP-address
  • Requests and responses sent from and to your device
  • Source website (we use a cookie to track this)
  • Behaviour on our website

Your personal data is also processed by Indeed on pages where we display a button to ‘Apply with Indeed’, even when you don’t use that functionality. Indeed may use cookies. The privacy policy of Indeed applies for processing of personal data by Indeed:

Personal data of job applicants

If you apply for a job then we process your personal data to facilitate the entire job application procedure on the grounds of our legitimate interests for recruiting. After the procedure we will delete your personal data as soon as possible, unless we have informed you that we require it for other purposes. The following personal data can be processed for the job application procedure:

  • Any personal data that you provide through our job application form including, but not limited to:
    • Full name, email address, phone number, picture, cover letter, résumé, LinkedIn profile, Indeed profile and which job you have applied for.
  • Statuses, notes and planning related to your job application
  • Email communications

Under European data protection law we are required to inform you that withholding personal data in your job application can give you a disadvantage in comparison to other candidates who are applying for the same role.

Your personal data has to be processed by LinkedIn and Indeed to allow for the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ and ‘Apply with Indeed’ functionalities. LinkedIn and Indeed may use cookies. You can find their privacy policies on the following websites:


Banketbakkerij Merba uses functional, analytic and tracking cookies and similar techniques, also from third parties, to show you relevant advertisement, also outside the domain, to provide you with an optimal visitor experience, and to analyse and improve Banketbakkerij Merba’s and third parties’ services. Our advertising, analytic and social media partners have access to your use of our site. By clicking accept you consent to the use of cookies.

Use of Wonderkind’s Services

We make use of the services of Wonderkind, a technology company that finds talent for companies through artificial intelligence. Wonderkind uses cookies to show relevant job advertisements to you. For more information about the use of cookies by Wonderkind and how Wonderkind processes your personal data, please visit

Third Party Cookies

  • | This domain is owned by Facebook. These cookies are used to serve targeted advertising to its users when logged into Facebook's services. It also serves up behaviourally targeted advertising on other websites, similar to most dedicated online marketing companies. It is not directly tied to individual Facebook users. They are also used to help with security and suspicious login activity, especially around the detection of bots trying to access the service. | datr, x-src, fr, lu, locale | 60 days
  • | This domain is owned by Google Inc. Although Google is primarily known as a search engine, the company provides a diverse range of products and services. Google uses the data gathered from most of these services to profile the interests of web users and enable Wonderkind to show users relevant job ads. These are common Google cookies, used across several of their services. They store user preferences and can be used to personalize ads on google searches, and to verify a Google user account and most recent login time. | APISID, SSID, NID, PREF, SID, SAPISID, HSID | 60 days

You can find their privacy policies on the following websites:

Requests or questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your personal data. You can also contact us with requests to exercise your rights under European data protection law. Such rights include the rights to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and object.

If you have any requests or questions with regard to your personal data you can contact our Data Protection Officer: Jan den Hartog

Details of the controller

Banketbakkerij Merba B.V. will be the controller responsible for processing your personal data according to laws and regulations. The address of Banketbakkerij Merba B.V. is: Wilhelminakanaal Noord 2, 4902 VR  Oosterhout.


We advise you to contact us first if you have any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data. But you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.